Daily Treatment

Day Cream

Make your day golden with Signature Day Cream, a highly concentrated cream infused with precious metals. This Day Cream contains actual 24 karat gold, and that’s not just to add glamour. Gold supports your skin’s natural collagen production, which helps it to appear younger, healthier, and more beautiful. This cream has the modern Midas touch; the addition of pure gold helps melt away your fine lines and wrinkles.

The gold works in conjunction with green tea to protect your skin from sun damage, reduce inflammation, and build collagen. Donna Bella’s Signature Day Cream contains Simmondsia Chinensis Seed (Jojoba) Oil, an emollient that improves skin elasticity and suppleness. Its natural tocopherols minimize oxidation and lipid peroxidation, which slows the aging process. Donna Bella’s Signature line puts the ultimate in skin science at your disposal.

Applying Donna Bella Products twice a day isn’t just decedent; our key ingredients target and effectively reduce wrinkles, offering you the benefit of healthier, younger looking skin. Applying Donna Bella Products is not just a luxury; it’s the skincare you deserve.


Apply to dry clean skin in the morning and evening. Use daily.

Facial Peeling

What better way to make your skin look and feel younger than to indulge in a mini facial with Donna Bella Deep Facial Peeling twice a week? By exfoliating, you remove dead skin damaged by pollution, blemishes, stress, and oxidation, and you reveal the soft, fresh skin below. Your face will have a new elasticity and texture that feels smoother, firmer, and more youthful. Finish your mini facial with a touch of Donna Bella’s “Day Cream”, and you will be able to face the world with new confidence.

Donna Bella’s Facial Peeling starts with a glycolic acid called Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). AHA has the unique ability to attract moisture and stimulate healthy collagen production, even in dry or sun damaged skin. And as the old skin cells are washed away, pores appear smaller; fine lines and wrinkles disappear, too. 24 karat gold and green tea boost collagen even more, leaving you with extraordinary looking skin.

When used two times a week, in conjunction with our “Day Cream”, your skin’s texture and tone will continue to improve as you stimulate collagen growth. With every application, your skin will look more and more radiant.


Apply exfoliating peel on damp skin. Rub gently in circular motion to slough off dry skin. Rinse with warm water and dry. For best results, apply Donna Bella’s Signature Day Cream. Use twice weekly.

Resurfacing Night Treatment

While you are getting your beauty sleep, Donna Bella’s Resurfacing Night Treatment works to regenerate your skin and restore normal collagen production. Even if your skin is losing its youthful luminescence and radiance, this de-aging treatment, composed of the most healing and most reparative agents known to skin scientists, will create healthier cells and build collagen while lifting and tightening your skin.

Caviar is the key ingredient in this night cream. Caviar contains proteins that help improve the elasticity and firmness of skin while exfoliating it, and then it attracts, binds, and replenishes moisture. The effects are reinforced with green tea, which contains antioxidants that help skin to recover from sun damage, prevent wrinkles, and improve skin tone. Donna Bella’s Resurfacing Night Treatment also contains grape seed oil, an antioxidant that controls moisture and helps distribute other important ingredients, such as aloe, shea butter, almond oil, and more.

Like many of the products in the our Signature line, Donna Bella’s Resurfacing Night Treatment includes gold, which enhances collagen production. By massaging your face with premium ingredients like caviar and gold, you can drift off to sleep knowing that you will awaken with skin that is firm, luminescent, and younger looking.


Apply nightly after cleansing and toning.

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