Vitamin C Concentrated Skin Treatment

Vitamin C Concentrated Skin Treatment


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Vitamin C Concentrated Mask

A revolutionary anti-aging formula offers the skin all it needs for optimal health. Infused with Vitamin C Ester+ 24K Nano Gold helps correct the most visible signs of aging: wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, impurities, loss of firmness, loss of smoothness, and loss of radiance. Whatever your age or skin type, 24K Vitamin C Concentrated Mask delivers extraordinary results.

Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

A multi-tasking brightening day serum to target the face and neck to deliver an instant boost of radiance and a glowing complexion. Formulated with the power of Vitamin C Ester combined with 24K Nano Gold it addresses uneven dark areas, improves clarity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Texture is softened, tone is improved and skin takes on a luminous glow.

Vitamin C Concentrated Cream

Donna Bella’s Signature Vitamin C Cream is designed for skin that is losing its youthful luminescence and radiance. This advanced anti-aging nighttime treatment works while you sleep to kick-start your skin’s natural functions. Primarily a night cream, Donna Bella’s Vitamin C Cream offers the ultimate support while the body is at rest, because nighttime is the perfect time to renew your skin.

Vitamin C is most beneficial when it works in conjunction with other ingredients or in a concentrated form to treat multiple skincare problems. It fights free radical damage, by offering antioxidant protection against sun damage, pollution, and oxidization. In addition, it reduces the appearance of age spots, makes sunscreen more effective, and reverses the effects of UV damage. Products with vitamin C also prevent breakouts, reduce inflammation, soothe irritation and boost collagen production for firmer skin.